#DigitalDigbeth Day – Tell Your Story with the Google Digital Garage!

May 23, 2017 Created by: Chris Pettitt
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As we countdown to the hugely exciting BBC Digital Cities Week here in Birmingham, we’re looking a little closer at the phenomenal group of innovators who will be showcasing the very latest in digital arts and tech during #DigitalDigbeth Day on June 15th at Fazeley Studios.

The Digital Garage project is part of Google’s commitment to provide free digital skills training to individuals across the UK. This informative and cutting-edge training is offered both online and in-person, across the entire country. It is the tech giant’s effort to illustrate how important it is for everybody to have an understanding of the digital world as technology becomes ever-more central to our daily lives. This initiative is entirely non-profit and is funded by Google.


As part of this effort to open up the digital world to individuals, The Digital Garage are bringing their ‘Tell Your Story Online’ concept to #DigitalDigbeth Day. Stories and people-led narratives are the winning messages of digital communications in today’s business climate and The Digital Garage are urging you to take part in the free digital skills training masterclass on #DigitalDigbeth Day as part of Google’s overarching project, so that you can pick up some fantastic practical advice to help you tell your own story online.

Google Digital Garage2

The only way to see this fantastic Google presentation is to be a part of #DigitalDigbeth Day. Tickets are completely FREE, so get yours now and Tell Your Story with the Digital Garage!

Find out more about Google’s Digital Garage project HERE.

Follow the concept on twitter @Upskilldigital

Read about the rise and rise of Google HERE


Book your FREE ticket for #DigitalDigbeth Day on Eventbrite: www.digitaldigbeth.eventbrite.co.uk

Get details of the full day’s programme HERE


Follow the hashtags #DigitalDigbeth & #DigiCities for all the latest information and announcements.

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