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May 27, 2017 Created by: Chris Pettitt
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The arrival of Virtual Reality tech to the mass-market is one of the most exciting developments of recent years. Though the technology itself has existed for decades, it is only recently that VR has become sophisticated and economical enough to be integrated into so many aspects of modern life.

STEAMhouse is a new centre for collaborative innovation who study new technologies like VR and investigate its potential. Part of Birmingham City University and partly funded by Arts Council England. STEAMhouse show how the Arts can be combined with Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEAM) to support new thinking and cross innovation approaches to facilitate SMEs to generate new products and services to drive economic growth.

On #DigitalDigbeth Day at Fazeley Studios, a team from STEAMhouse will focus on ‘Interaction in Mixed Reality’. They will be exploring how Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can be used to measure and analyse data, such as medical data, as well as reflecting on how technology can play a pivotal role in psychology.

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Researchers and academics from the Image Processing and Mixed Reality team, alongside the Applied Cognition and Technology Cluster team, will provide insight into how the mixed reality technology they use (VR, mobile EEG solutions, eye tracking, gamification etc) can be applied to different research areas, industry challenges and other real world problems.

Some of the esteemed speakers at the presentation will include Dr Ian Williams, Senior Lecturer in Image and Video Technology and Dr Pelham Carter, Senior Lecturer in Cyberpsychology.

This panel discussion and presentation will be of significant interest to anyone wanting to find out more about the practical benefits virtual reality could have in a business context. Perhaps you have never considered how VR technology could have an impact on you, but STEAMhouse will aim to give you a unique insight into how it just might transform your business.

The only way to hear this fascinating exploration into Virtual Reality is to be a part of #DigitalDigbeth Day. Remember, tickets are completely FREE! Get yours now.


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#DigitalDigbeth Day takes place on Thursday 15th June at Fazeley Studios.

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